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A Small Detour for a Question

written by Adam Montri on 29-May-09 03:09

I'm back from helping Marty and Michelle build the frame of their hoophouse at Birch Point Farm in Traverse City, MI and am always amazed how much the site changes on the first day of the build.

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Construction Junction - Part 1 (Length and Width Decisions)

written by Adam Montri on 15-May-09 03:12

Now that the (really) cold weather is behind us and the ground has softened, the phone seems to be constantly ringing with construction questions.

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What We're Planting

written by Adam Montri on 04-May-09 03:14
There's most likely a linear way that makes sense to run through these postings from site selection and preparation, to choosing and building a structure, to crop selection and management, onto harvesting, postharvesting, and marketing. While we'll get to all those in the future I don't always think in that linear way.
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