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Organic raspberry high tunnel project, photo by Ben Gluck 

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Two new research videos have recently been added to the hoophouse website.  The two new videos focus on the MSU organic fruit production in multi-bay high tunnels research project.  The videos were filmed/edited by Rebecca May, and can be found under the "Research" tab.

MSU currently has 1 acre of multi bay structures (haygroves) in use for this fruit production research project.  These multi bay high tunnels are 3 season structures, meaning that the plastic is removed at the end of the season in the fall, and in the spring the plastic is then put back on.  Plastic is removed during the winter months for two reasons, 1) the perennial crops in the haygroves need a winter dormancy period, and 2) the structures are not designed for four season use. 

If you've driven past the Hort farm lately you may have noticed that the plastic has been put back on a few of the haygrove bays-a sign that the summer growing season is fast approaching!  Be sure to check out the videos for more information on the project.