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Welcome to the Michigan State University hoophouse website. This site is meant for farmers, farming non-profits, researchers, or others interested in season extension or year-round farming using hoophouses (aka high tunnels, passive solar greenhouses, unheated greenhouses). You’ll also find info here about other season extension techniques like row covers, quickhoops, low tunnels, and 3-season high tunnels.

Create an account to register for any of the upcoming workshops or tours, and be sure to check out the events section to see what is happening in and around Michigan and the greater Midwest. Occasionally you’ll find a conference or workshop announcement from outside this area if it is related to hoophouses.

Click on the map to see where hoophouses are or to get an idea of just how many are out there. If you are a farmer go ahead and add your farm and picture to the map and while you’re there tell everyone a bit about your farm.

Check out the resources, research, and links sections for downloads, videos, and other useful info related to production, marketing, business planning and other parts of year-round farming.

Our blog will be updated regularly with posts about specific topics and hoophouse related info, links to hoophouse related things we like, and potential funding options when available.

Look around and to let us know how we’re doing

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